Real name: Jodie Sweeten

Known for: Playing Stephanie Tanner on the 80s-90s hit-sitcom, Full House.

Brief: Sweetin achieved some success at a young age of 4 years old, staring in several national commercials, and earning cameo appearances on several sitcoms, most notably The Hogan Family. It was here that Miller-Boyett (who were in the process of casting for Full House) seeing a young and budding talent, decided to cast her for the role of Stephanie Tanner in their new sitcom, Full House.

And so, we will remember Stephanie as the Mr. Bear totin’ pesky little sister of Donna Joe (DJ) with the infamous catch phrase, “How Rude!” And let’s not forget, she almost married that Asian kid who was her best friend in elementary school. His name, Harry Takanawa.

Where is she now: Sweetin has been making sporadic appearances in gossip blogs, tabloids, and gossip weeklies over the last few years for her addiction to meth and other drugs, and most recently the birth of her daughter, Zoie (like Joey). Word on the street is that she’s been trying to make a slow come-back into the industry, and has been scraping by with random ‘celeb’ appearances.

Final Judgement: I’m pretty sure this is obvious. Child star…drug addiction…lack of work…D-LIST!



Real name: Shannon Elizabeth Fadal

Known for: Playing the hot fake-accented foreign girl that got naked and masturbated, giving herself the big O, in American Pie

Brief: After being cast in the major flop, Jack Frost and d-list movie, Dish Dogs, Elizabeth gets her big break in the 1999 comedy movie classic American Pie. In this movie, she plays Nadia, the über hot exchange student from (former) Czechoslovakia, who is the sex-target of the very virgin Jim Levenstein (played by Jason Biggs). Besides being awesomely hot (back then), Elizabeth earned her place in the legendary hot factor by going topless, and showing us that it’s ok for girls to masturbate to men’s porn. It also helped that she spoke in a really bad eastern European accent; Great for role playing.

Where is she now: Elizabeth was last seen on the 6th season of the D-List celebrity reviver, Dancing with the Stars making it as far as becoming the 7th celebrity eliminated (at least she made it past Priscilla Presley). From time to time, you can find her in Las Vegas lighting up the poker tournaments and cashing in big against other celebs and World Series of Poker champs.

Final Judgement: She’s hot. She’s good at poker. And she has a movie coming out in ’09 (Night of the Demon); But it looks like it’s going straight to DVD. Oh well…D-LIST!

Carlton Banks played by Alfonso Ribeiro

Real name: Alfonso Ribeiro

Known for: Playing Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Alfonso Spears on Silver Spoons

Brief: After starting his career as a noted 80s child-dancing star, being featured moonwalking in Michael Jackson’s 1984 Pepsi Generation commercial, Ribeiro was quickly cast as Alfonso on Silver Spoons in its third season. For 3 seasons, Ribeiro played the token black guy who befriends Ricky, the rich white kid (main character).

Following the end of Silver Spoons in 1987, Ribeiro doesn’t go far from his two previous roles when he is cast as Carlton Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. On this show, Banks plays an over-the-top white-washed rich black kid living in upper-class white society, Bel-Air, whose likes include wearing boat shoes, listening to Tom Jones and Barry Manilow, and doing his famed Carlton-Dance; On occasion, he calls back to his Pepsi days and does a great Michael Jackson dance routine.

Where is he now: Now Ribeiro can be found on GSN hosting the game show Catch-21.

Final Judgement: Great career. We will always remember the Carlton Dance. But nevertheless, D-LIST!