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Real Name: Dolph Lundgren

Known for: Playing the Russian guy in Rocky IV (a.k.a. Boxing: The Cold War Era)

Brief: As a native of Stockholm, Sweden, Dolph Lundgren earned his celeb status when he got his big break in the 4th installment of the Rocky series cleverly named, Rocky IV (1985) – a.k.a. Rocky: The Cold War Era. In this movie, Lundgren played (along side D-list Celeb, Bridge Nielsen) Ivan Drago, the scary Russian Boxer that came to America showing brute force and unrelenting pride. In an exhibition match, against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), Drago kills the black guy within the first 30 minutes of the movie…typical! It’s always the black people that go down first.

After playing the communist scum, that was ever so popular in the 80s, Lundgren went on to play numerous action hero roles including parts in Master of the Universe (as He-Man), Universal Soldier, and Johnny Mnemonic.

Where is he now: No longer playing the menacing giant that Rocky IV made him famous for, Lundgren, at 51 years old, can now be found behind the camera directing movies. His directorial credits include: The Mechanik (2005) Missionary Man (2007) and the Command Performance (2009).  And most recently, he was in The EXPENDABLES, which is the movie where D-listers rise to the ranks of at-minimum, B-List Greatness!

Final Judgement: He played an iconic 80s character. He’s not really seeking the celeb spotlight anymore. So I would say, no…NOT on the D-LIST!