I have no clue why, but I kind of went on this New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) high ever since writing about Jordan Knight. And so this week is dedicated to the rest of the members of 80s heart throbs New Kids on the Block…seriously, LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! And Donnie…wtf!

Up next is Danny Wood!



Real Name: Donnie Wahlberg

Known for: One of the five members of the 80s-90s boy band, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), and also being Marky Mark’s older brother

Brief: Just like fellow NKOTB-er, Jordan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg was at the similarly young age of 15, in 1984, when he joined New Kids on the Block, a group that would set the pave the way for future generations of boy bands (i.e. Five, Westlife). Under the leadership of Maurice Starr, Wahlberg, in addition to Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight would come to form the world famous, New Kids on the Block.

NKOTB would go on to over 70 million albums worldwide over the next 10 years, and garnish a huge amount of screaming female fans (who are probably in their mid-40s now).

Following the insane amount of success that NKOTB generated, Wahlberg went on to lead a successful career in the film industry writing, producing, and appearing in movies such as The Sixth Sense, Ransom, Bullet, and the highly regarded tv mini-series, A Band of Brothers.

Where is he now: Wahlberg can still be found in films, and most recently took on the role of Detective Riley in the 2008 movie Righteous Kills starring Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro. He also wrote the script for the movie What Doesn’t Kill You starring Ethan Hawke and Mark Ruffalo.

In addition, in 2008, Wahlberg and the rest of New Kids on the Block got together releasing a new album and going on a reunion tour for one more hurrah. The result so far, 2 top 20 singles, including Summertime and Single from their new album The Block.

Final Judgement: You would think that being part of an internationally successful music group would be enough for this guy, fading away into D-List obscurity. On the contrary, since being a part of NKOTB, Wahlberg has led a successful life in the entertainment industry. So no…definitely NOT on the D-List


Real Name: Jordan Knight (look at that hair!!!)

Known for: One of the five members of the 80s-90s boy band, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), and most recently for playing himself on the Surreal Life

Brief: In 1984, at the young age of 14, Jordan Knight was approached by Maurice Starr to form a group that would set the precedence for future generations of boy bands (i.e. *NSync and Backstreet Boys). Joined by his brother Jonathan Knight, as well as Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg and Danny Wood, the five of them would come to be known as New Kids on the Block.

Over the next 10 years, NKOTB would be adored by legions of screaming teenage girls worldwide, and sell an astonishing 70 million albums. In 1994, the group disbanded, just to be reunited in a comeback tour 14 years later in 2008.

Following NKOTB, Knight revived his career in 1999 by releasing 4 singles that reached the top 40 mark, most notably included was the single, Give it to You.

Where is he now: Knight most recently appeared in the third season of The Surreal Life in 2004. Initial episodes showed that this was a move to revive his solo career that slowly faded after his 1999 success.

In 2008, Knight and the rest of the 5 NKOTB boys did one last run for their legion of screaming mid-40s-no-longer-teenage-girl fans got together for a reunion album and tour, and released 2 top 20 singles, including Summertime and Single from their new album The Block.

The Final Judgement: He had a really great career and run as a solo artist. But his douche-ism on The Surreal Life really knocked him down a few notches and almost solidified him to D-List status. But being a part of an improbable boy-band come back tour is pretty cool. I will say, no…NOT on the D-LIST.


Real Name: Dolph Lundgren

Known for: Playing the Russian guy in Rocky IV (a.k.a. Boxing: The Cold War Era)

Brief: As a native of Stockholm, Sweden, Dolph Lundgren earned his celeb status when he got his big break in the 4th installment of the Rocky series cleverly named, Rocky IV (1985) – a.k.a. Rocky: The Cold War Era. In this movie, Lundgren played (along side D-list Celeb, Bridge Nielsen) Ivan Drago, the scary Russian Boxer that came to America showing brute force and unrelenting pride. In an exhibition match, against Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), Drago kills the black guy within the first 30 minutes of the movie…typical! It’s always the black people that go down first.

After playing the communist scum, that was ever so popular in the 80s, Lundgren went on to play numerous action hero roles including parts in Master of the Universe (as He-Man), Universal Soldier, and Johnny Mnemonic.

Where is he now: No longer playing the menacing giant that Rocky IV made him famous for, Lundgren, at 51 years old, can now be found behind the camera directing movies. His directorial credits include: The Mechanik (2005) Missionary Man (2007) and the Command Performance (2009).  And most recently, he was in The EXPENDABLES, which is the movie where D-listers rise to the ranks of at-minimum, B-List Greatness!

Final Judgement: He played an iconic 80s character. He’s not really seeking the celeb spotlight anymore. So I would say, no…NOT on the D-LIST!


Real name: Dennis Haskins

Known for: Playing Mr. Richard Belding on Saved by the Bell for 12 freakin’ YEARS!

Brief: After working as a concert promoter, and appearing on the pilot episode of The Dukes of Hazard, Haskins landed the role of Mr. Belding in the show Good Morning, Miss Bliss, which would later be relaunched as the show that we’ve come to know and love, Saved by the Bell. After the original gang, which consisted of Zack, Slater, Kelly, Lisa, Jesse, and Screech, graduated, Haskins reprises his role as Mr. Belding in Saved by the Bell: The New Class. With an entirely new class on set, Haskins was able to play with buddy-to-students principal role for 12 whole years, ending his run in 2000.

Where is he now: Haskins has been auditioning for new roles, but has been having a tough time getting away from his Mr. Belding image. So if you can’t beat them, join them. Haskins has been touring college and high school campuses, giving Q&A sessions about his Saved by the Bell years. Most recently a friend of ours saw him partying it up at a club in Las Vegas, taking pictures and signing autographs. Go Belding!!!


Final Judgement: 12 years! Partying like a rock star? That’s hard to beat that. Nevertheless, we gotta put him on the D-LIST!